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Chef Series // Melissa's Strawberry + Corn

In our Chef Series, we partner with talented pastry chefs in the Bay Area to create new limited flavor drops throughout the year. This month's collaboration features Chef Melissa Loar, Pastry Chef at Octavia, Michelin-rated several times over.
The quintessential end of summer cake, Chef Melissa paired strawberries with corn. The strawberry buttercream has a bit of tartness and naturally lends a vibrant shade of red for a pop of color. Growing up in the midwest, corn was abundant and she’s made sure to use all parts of the corn, from the kernels, to the cob and even the silk! She’s infused this sweet, delicate flavor into a soak and pastry cream packed with kernels. The corn is the perfect addition of natural sweetness to balance the bountiful strawberry as we bid farewell to summer!
Available for pickup or delivery Fri, 9/23 - Sun, 10/2 with 2 days' notice.