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Exposé // Tiramisu

Mamma Mia, it's Tiramisu! We took our cake and soaked it in coffee and a coffee liqueur. We layer this with creamy mascarpone and coffee buttercream. A dusting of cocoa powder graces the top like an ornamental Italian tile.

Available for pickup or delivery through Sun, 4/14 with 2 days' notice.

Note: contains alcohol, this design cannot be personalized with a script.

// Check out our flavor guide and size guide. Color will vary depending on the flavor you choose, which is detailed in the flavor guide.

Hi there! 👋

We're here to answer any questions via text at 415-707-7414.

We'll be around 10am-6pm, and if it's after hours, we'll get back to you the next day. Talk soon!

For answers to common questions, read our How It Works section.

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