Photograph by  Jaclyn Le

Photograph by Jaclyn Le


Our Story

Butter& began as a passion project for Amanda Nguyen in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015. She realized that the cakes she ate at birthdays and weddings tasted overly sweet, had bland flavors, and perpetuated kitschy designs. She started to experiment with her own techniques, deemphasizing sugar and testing the limits of Swiss Meringue buttercream as a medium.

A data analyst by day at organizations like the Federal Reserve and Facebook, Amanda honed her craft by night. She studied the work of the many generous souls who shared their secrets of cake-making, building a strong foundation through hours of exploration and practice. Gradually, she developed her own technique and unique aesthetic: clean, modern, buttercream cakes.

She started making cakes for her friends, then for their friends, and finally what started as a hobby became a full-time adventure. In 2017, Amanda traded in her scripting languages and colorful charts for kitchen scales and fifty-pound bags of flour.

In the process, Amanda developed her own philosophy on the ideal cake. Cakes should delight the eye and intrigue the palette. They should look at home in an art gallery, with symmetrical layers of tender cake and buttercream supporting an elegant design. While many cake-makers rely upon fondant to implement their designs, we prefer Swiss Meringue buttercream (as opposed to American Buttercream) for its luxuriously silky taste, lower fat and sugar content, and versatility as a medium. It takes more time and technique to manipulate buttercream into its intended form, but the end result is remarkable.