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Quarantine Cake Shops

We've been incredibly fortunate to have the support of our community during the coronavirus crisis. Their support of our quarantine cakes has helped us to keep paying our team, to build up our reserves in case of a full shutdown, and to even begin hiring people in the food industry who have been furloughed.

Unfortunately, there are countless other cake shops going through that exact same turmoil all around the world right now. To help, we've encouraged them to also sell quarantine cakes, in the hope that doing so helps them the way it helped us. In the process, people from all over the world have started to ask us if there are any cake shops near them that they could support.

To try and help connect those people with cake shops in their communities, we collected a list of cake shops that are operating during quarantine and need some support right now. These cake shops add to the richness of their communities all around the world, and losing them to this crisis would make all of our lives just a little bit darker. To find one in your area, scan through the table below or search directly in our Google sheet.

If you're a cake shop and want to join the list, fill out this form and we'll do our best to add you within a day. Stay safe and strong!

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