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Meet the Team

Design//Chef Team

//Madrid Jaramillo-Cattell 

While Madrid got her start in a gluten-free wholesale bakery, she has spent the past five years establishing herself professionally in Michelin starred restaurants. Before joining Butter&, she spent time in the kitchens of Mourad, Michael Mina, and Quince as the Pastry Sous Chef. At Butter&, Madrid heads the design team where she applies her gastronomical skillset to develop and implement new flavors by sourcing sustainable and equitable ingredients, creating new designs, and inventing unique designing techniques. She also serves as Butter&’s acting GM, working closely with the operations team to ensure all aspects of the business are aligned. Her favorite thing about working at Butter& is playing bops and laughing while we crush cake orders like Kevin crushes cake.

//Janice Kim 

Janice’s work history is a who’s-who of San Francisco’s haute cuisine scene. Before joining Butter&, she started her culinary career in the kitchen of Mister Jiu's. She then worked alongside Madrid at Quince and Cotogna as a pastry chef. At Butter&, Janice is an expert product developer, fine-tuner and trainer extraordinaire. She’s also a master collaborator when it comes to Butter& teaming up with other local businesses for limited edition flavor drops or product bundles (REVEL, Song Tea). Her favorite thing to do at Butter& is her favorite thing to do on her own time, maximize her schedule to squeeze in as many tasks as possible - Janice doesn’t ever sit still!

//Recenna Lui 

Recenna brings a sense of joy and humor to Butter& every day. Before joining Butter& full-time, Recenna was a baker at 85C Bakery Cafe and crafted delectable pastries at James Beard nominated bakery, Neighbor Bakehouse. At Butter&, Recenna is in charge of upholding the quality standards of design and taste - she examines the finished cakes and evaluates all reviews we receive to ensure we are delivering a high quality product that meets our standards. Along with quality control and designing cakes, she is also Butter&’s in-house Pantone custom color maker and created Butter&’s signature color palette. Recenna’s favorite things at Butter& are the people and designing beautiful cakes for our clients.

Operations Team

//Kevin Dunn

After college, Kevin moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he worked for several years in fine dining at Morton’s the Steakhouse. While at Morton’s, Kevin enjoyed doing a little bit of everything - he was a host, server, banquet server, front line expeditor, and a food and beverage manager. His time at Morton’s reaffirmed his desire to work in a field that helps bring people joy. At Butter&, Kevin deals with client communication and interactions, processing orders, operational processes, and of course - crushing cake. Some of Kevin’s favorite aspects of working at Butter& are the close-knit team atmosphere, the commitment to delivering a high quality product (he’s a bit obsessive with his attention to detail), and the journey of growing with a small business.

//Gabrielle Ilenstine

Gabrielle is a true west coast gal - she spends her time exploring San Francisco via absurdly long urban walks, cooking and trying new foods. After receiving a degree in statistics, Gabrielle started her career as a research analyst, managing global market research studies for Google and Facebook. At Butter&, she wears many hats as an operations manager, some of which include managing order data, improving workflows, maintaining the Instagram page and Butter& website, and connecting with clients. She is a real self-starter - no project is too large for her undertaking. For her, the highlights of Butter& are reading the cute gift notes that clients write, enjoying laughs with the team, and the company culture of trust, care, and trying new things.


                                                //Amanda Nguyen

                  //Ted Moran