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We are always looking to connect with kind people who operate with care and value feedback in the spirit of constant improvement.

Butter& is hiring a Flex Assistant Cake Maker ($20-24/hour with tips)! If you’re interested in spending 1-2 days/week at Butter& (starting Tues/Wed) and have the flexibility to flex into 2+ days/week during the Fall, please apply below 💌 This role is perfect for folks who have flexible schedules like moms, part-time students, freelancers, retirees, or anyone looking for a fun and creative part-time opportunity.

As an Assistant Cake Maker, you’ll get training on the basics of luxury cake making with room to grow into decorating with time and experience. The basics of cake making will include tasks such as baking, making fillings, mixing buttercream, stacking, processing flowers, and dishes. Once in a while you might also pop behind the counter and hand off some cakes to customers and answer questions as well.

Hi there! 👋

We're here to answer any questions via text at 415-707-7414.

We'll be around 10am-6pm, and if it's after hours, we'll get back to you the next day. Talk soon!

For answers to common questions, read our How It Works section.

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