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Wedding Tasting Box

Serves two. A sampling of 5 flavors on our menu. Recommended as a part of pre-marriage counseling. These are our current flavors, all of which are paired with our signature light brown sugar cake:

  • SWEET CREAM + ROASTED BERRIES¬†// raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry compote paired with sweet cream buttercream
  • HAZELNUT + CHOCOLATE¬†// 72% cacao chocolate ganache with hazelnut praline buttercream and toasted hazelnuts
  • BROWN BUTTER + MEYER LEMON¬†//¬†brown butter buttercream paired with a tangy Meyer lemon curd
  • 9TH & LARKIN CHOCOLATE // 72% cacao chocolate ganache buttercream paired with a dark chocolate cream filling
  • TONGA VANILLA BEAN //¬†vanilla bean buttercream¬†

// See our Weddings page to learn how we approach weddings.