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Graduation Cake

Graduation season is upon us! Congratulations to all the graduates, whether it be high school, college, or post-graduate programs. Bright beginnings are ahead!

For this sheet cake design, we feature the school logo of your graduate along with an accent color piped around the cake's border. We can accommodate any school logo (the photo on this cake features Cal Berkeley). After you place your order, reply to your confirmation text or email with the school you'd like featured on your cake.

Since it's peak strawberry season, we also created a new flavor for the occasion: Strawberries + Cream. We made a strawberry compote in-house that has just the right balance between sweetness (just a touch) and tang. It only took us 10 iterations to get there!

Available with 4 days' notice from Tues, May 7 - Sun, June 9.

// Medium Sheet dimensions: 9" long, 6.5" wide, 2.5" tall. Large Sheet dimensions: 13" long, 9" wide, 2.5" tall. Check out our flavor guide and size guide.

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