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California Poppy

This year's Mother's Day cake is inspired by flowers for mom.

The California poppy is quintessential: class, elegance, a playful pop of color. It’s one of the most expensive to buy, yet grows wild and free as weeds. Amanda tried to capture the flower's shapeshifting hue – gold in the light and orange in the shadows. She also played off the texture of the petals in the cake's ruffles, like paper-thin waves.

Since it's peak strawberry season, we created a new flavor to celebrate: Strawberries + Cream. We made a strawberry compote in-house that has just the right balance between sweetness (just a touch) and tang. It only took us 10 iterations to get there.

Available with 4 days' notice from Tues, May 7 - Sun, June 2. As a reminder, Mother's Day is Sun, May 12, 2024.

// Mini three tier dimensions: 7" wide bottom tier that's ~2.6" tall, 5" wide middle tier that's ~2.6" tall, and 3" wide top tier that's ~2.6" tall. Total height: ~8". Cake board: 10" wide. Check out our flavor guide and size guide. Cake stand not included, but available for purchase from our Cakeware Collection. 

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